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Mutually beneficial business
We offer not just services, but the formation of long-term business relationships
Low fares
First of all, thanks to the use of advanced technologies that reduce financial costs for storage and loading of cereals and crops
Attraction of new importers
The Ukrainian export values will be significantly reduced, which will attract the attention of new foreign companies not only in the CIS and Mediterranean countries, but also in Asia
Newest technologies
The use of advanced technologies for the transport of goods by rail, as well as the use of a pneumatic line for transporting grain to the ship will increase the speed and efficiency of the work performed while maintaining the quality of the goods.
Preserving the quality of goods
Your products will retain quality thanks to compliance with all accepted norms and rules for storage of cereals and crops
Mutually beneficial business
The possibility of accumulating up to 50 tons of agricultural products and as a result: - Reduction in the number of overloads; - economy of means; - preserving the quality of goods
Our suppliers:
  • Zaporozhye region
  • Donetsk region
  • Kherson region
  • Dnepropetrovsk
  • Europe
  • The mediterranean

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