Happy New Year 2020!

Dear friends and colleagues!   Agria company expresses its respect to you and wishes everyone a Happy New Year!   We wish you always to look forward, strive for new horizons and not to be afraid to dream, set new goals and realize them, overcome difficulties and always solve all the problems that arise on […]

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Our everyday life.


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Loading of granulated sunmeal.

There is mv “Rek Titan”, Panama flag, DWCC 8,500 mt, at port Berdyansk, loading granulated sunmeal. This is the first loading of a new cargo for us, which takes place as usual with a loading rate of 2,500 tons per day.    

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New cargo at the terminal.

Accumulation of a new cargo – granulated meal –  is taking place at our terminal. Season 2019 continues.    

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Results for August, 2019.

August turned out to be a record month for our terminal: 15 vessels were handled and about 78 thousand tons of grain shipped with an average daily loading rate of 2,500 tons.   Оur professional team provides a full range of services for our customers: cargo storage and shipping to ships, forwarding and customs clearance, and […]

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The first results.

Since the beginning of the season, our company has processed 103 thousand tons of grain.  

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Our weekdays.

Today, in the port of Berdyansk, there are three vessels at the same time under our terminal: mv “Amir Bey”, Tanzania flag, mv “Able”, Panama flag and mv “Kaleli Ana”, Comoros flag. All vessels are loaded with cereals, loading takes place in the normal mode.  

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New experience of Agria. 

There is mv “Pontica”, the flag of Liberia, with deadweight 9,004 mt under loading in the port of Berdyansk which is loaded with a new cargo for our terminal – rape. Another cereal crop in our treasury of experience.      

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Our laboratory. 

The production and technological laboratory is one of the structural subdivisions of the Private JSC “BZPTO”. It carries out quantitative and qualitative control and accounting of grain. The results of PTL analyzes are the main document on the basis of which an export batch is formed and therefore the task of PTL specialists is professional, […]

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