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Our news.

  We have successfully mastered another new cargo for our company – sunflower seed meal. Mv “Mehmet Bey”, flag of Malta, with deadweight  8 764 mt was loaded at port Berdyansk. The loading took place in the normal mode with a loading rate of 3 200 mt per day.

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Agriculture worker’s day.

  Our dear agricultural workers, we congratulate you on your professional holiday and wish you interest and love in your work, success in all your endeavors, future prospects, and relevance. Thank you very much for your work and the soul that you put into your hard work.

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Our fleet of vehicles.

Our car fleet. Since building up the technical base is one of the main priorities of our company, now we have our own vehicle fleet: 10 DAF tractors of Euro 6 with BODEX semi-trailers. Look how beautifull they are!

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Aquamatic 5 200-A.

  Our clients know that laboratories of Agria are equipped with the most modern and high-tech equipment. We are ntroducing our new acquisition – Aquamatic. Aquamatic 5200-A is a high-tech express analyzer of moisture content of various grains, oilseeds and legumes, which gives a measurement result within 10 seconds. There is built-in calibration for all […]

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Our new records.

We have set a new record in grain loading: 6 750 tons of barley have been loaded per day on mv “Rek Noble”, Panama flag. This daily rate is a record in the port of Berdyansk up today.    

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Fleet of vehicles of Agria.

  Modern business is impossible without competent logistics. To organize all movements of cargo, minimizing costs – this is the main task of freight transportation. Since building up the technical base is one of the main priorities of our company, our fleet of vehicles is constantly replenished.        

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