Modern laboratory of Agria.

One of the key factors in the successful operation of the grain enterprise is the availability of a modern laboratory.

Working on the grain market and understanding the modern high quality requirements for grain, the management of the Berdyansk Marine Terminal “Agria” LTD created a modern, certified production and technology laboratory.

The laboratory is equipped with modern equipment, which allows to analyze the wide spectrum of quality indices of grain, leguminous and oilseeds and allows to satisfy the needs of customers.

In order to accelerate the processing of samples and determine the qualitative indicators provided by the state Ukrainian regulatory documents, and for these results have been internationally recognized, infrared analyzers of whole grains  Inframatic IM 9500 ( of Perten Instruments AB) and SupNIR 2700 ( of company Focused Photonics) is installed In the laboratory

These devices determine parameters such as protein, moisture, and raw gluten in less than one minute. The FN II device “Chinatown Crain Machinery Co. ltd “to determine the falling number is also installed.

Thus, with the provision of precision laboratory equipment, skilled laboratory personnel performs analyzes to determine the quality of grain parameters in accordance with the requirements of regulatory documentation.




Development  HACCP.

Part 2.   The Food Safety Management Guide is the main document of the management system, which establishes requirements that allow an enterprise to:   a) plan, implement, use, maintain and update a food safety management system aimed at supplying products that, if used for intended purpose, are safe for the consumer; b) demonstrate compliance […]

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