The results of 2018.

BMT Agria is pleased to announce that in 2018 our company, as a port operator, handled 35 vessels and 227 thousand tons of export grain cargo. Including wheat – 150 485 tons, barley – 36 270 tons, peas – 26 795 tons and corn – 13 450 tons.

For 2019 we have big plans and prospects.

The first results.

Since the beginning of the season, our company has processed 103 thousand tons of grain.  

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Our weekdays.

Today, in the port of Berdyansk, there are three vessels at the same time under our terminal: mv “Amir Bey”, Tanzania flag, mv “Able”, Panama flag and mv “Kaleli Ana”, Comoros flag. All vessels are loaded with cereals, loading takes place in the normal mode.  

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